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We will write a custom essay on University Life specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now. The reason I wanted to go to college was because my grandma took pride in telling everyone I was the first one out of 32 grandkids to graduate high school. Get Your Custom Essay on Article- University Life Just from $13,9/Page. Get Essay. One of the causes of stressful university life is poor time management. Before coming to the university, students are used to having parent’s helps in managing their time at home. For those who staying in the hostel, there are also people who in charge of. University has been the best time of my life. It's three years of hard work and great fun. It's a positive thing to do! CATHERINE GOODWIN. University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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Hopefully, this will be helpful to all our readers who are contemplating the next step to higher education and finding it difficult to imagine just exactly what it might entail. The rising times of university students are notoriously erratic and varied! From those crazy rowers who are up before dawn breaking the university life essay on the river ready to practise before breakfast, to the medics who are up every day in time for their lecture to the English students who have nothing they need to get up for until the afternoon.

The thing this really shows you is how much independence and control over your own schedule you will have at university. Unlike school where lessons are scheduled throughout the day, at uni you are more likely to have a few lectures, supervisions and tutorial sessions scattered through the week. What you do with the time in between is up to you. This includes reading, research and essay writing, all of which you will have to find the time for in between lectures.

Lectures can be quite a novel experience when you first arrive at university — usually faculty-organised and attended by the whole year group of university life essay in any given subject, university life essay, are often held in old-fashioned amphitheatre-like halls, university life essay. You will often find yourself sitting on a wooden bench peering down at a professor standing behind a lectern, university life essay, and frantically scribbling in the notepad on your knee.

Here are our top lecture tips:. One big piece of advice seems university life essay be that vegetarians are often better off going for the self-catering option, as almost all reports suggest a distinct lack of variety and quality to university-provided veggie options. If you do decide to self-cater, you might find yourself sharing a kitchen with others on your university life essay or staircase: if so, university life essay, you might find it helpful to glance at these ideas:.

There are different levels and sizes of group-organised academic sessions at university and you will be likely to experience a variety of them. Seminars are like a stepping-stone between lectures and tutorials — they typically involve around students and are professor-led, but can also include some rich and diverse student involvement and debate. Speaking up in a seminar can be good practice for your supervision sessions, where the spotlight will be much more on you.

They are also a great place to pick up on the wide range of possible ideas and theories around an academic subject, as you get the chance to discuss with so many other students. Labs are a different type of seminar experienced by medics and science students, often focussing on a particular experiment or gulp dissection. Supervisions or tutorials typically involve between one and five students with a single supervisor and are more like a classroom setting, though much more student involvement is typical than you will have been used university life essay at school.

Often students are required to prepare an essay in advance of the supervision, which is then read aloud and discussed in the session. Here are our top tutorial tips:. The sheer spectrum of extra-curricular activities available at university can seem completely overwhelming when you first arrive, university life essay. From teams for every sport under the sun to language clubs, debating, music and drama and pretty much anything else you can think of, if you are interested in it, there will be a university life essay for it.

You can usually sign up to as many mailing lists as university life essay like to keep you in the loop about events, meetings auditions and university life essay. It is quite normal to try a whole raft of hobbies in your first few weeks before narrowing it down to the ones you really want to pursue and can manage to fit in to your schedule!

It is generally very acceptable to try a few sessions of anything before deciding whether or not to commit to it. Just remember that as time goes on your academic commitments are likely to become more time-consuming, university life essay, so make sure you leave yourself enough time to get all your work done! Most university towns are packed with nightspots and the clubs and bars will usually have various university life essay student nights on offer.

Make sure you take full advantage of the special offers you can usually get with your various student cards. A day in the life of a university student. Breakfast in the cafeteria. Here are our top lecture tips: If choosing which lectures to attend, make sure you ask advice from students in the year above you — lecture series are often repeated annually and they will have the best info on who are the most exciting and interesting speakers and which lectures are most helpful for your course.

Take notes! Team up. If there are two useful lectures on at the same time which seems to happen fairly often then get together with a friend and decide to university life essay to one lecture each, then meet up to swap notes and ideas.

If you do decide to self-cater, you might find yourself sharing a kitchen with others on your corridor or staircase: if so, you might find it helpful to glance at these ideas: Buy a padlock! Start a kitty. Grouping together with a bunch of friends in a shared kitchen and all chipping in university life essay basics like milk and bread means it turns out much cheaper in the long run.

Make a washing up rota. Here are our top tutorial tips: Always be prepared. If there is a set text, make sure you have read it; if there university life essay an essay required, make sure you have written it, university life essay. Otherwise you risk not only wasting your own time but also that of your supervisors and fellow students.

Be brave. A supervisor might sound like they are criticising your work quite fiercely, but this is often simply a tactic on their part to force you to defend your ideas and really back them up with evidence and collaboration. The richest and most exciting teaching sessions happen when you share ideas with your peers and allow their theories to shape and inform your own. You may also like Previous post.

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University has been the best time of my life. It's three years of hard work and great fun. It's a positive thing to do! CATHERINE GOODWIN. University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We will write a custom essay sample on University Life. or any similar topic only for you. Order Now. It is also relevant to my aim which I had had when I entered this university. It is the language study. I am majoring in English, so I have many English classes every week. At first, I got very nervous whenever I have to give my opinion and. Blog ›› English ›› University Life Reflective Essay. University Life Reflective Essay. Related Posts: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Later I found out that this wise quote belongs to Confucius, and my respect to him grew. It was very difficult for me to choose a profession, as I.