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Online Homework Help Common questions: My CD envelope doesn't come with a code! It wants me to record, but the microphone isn't working! How do I start using Online HW? Click on Getting Started with Online HW and follow the instructions there! China is named after the family that set up the first great Chinese empire—the Qin (Ch’in) dynasty. Improved homework resources designed to support a variety of curriculum subjects and standards. A new, third level of content, designed specially to meet the advanced needs of the sophisticated scholar. China is a rather influential country and its potential is growing all the time. All these factors play significant role, when it comes to the choice of language to learn. Eventually, people tend to choose Chinese. Out team provides efficient Chinese homework help for students from all over the world. We can help you deal with your Chinese.

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If it is Gradesuse the online version. The online version even includes iPad App. The homework code is the same. Otherwise, email teach mlpchinese. I don't have a disk drive on my computer You can load the disc content on a flash drive and then load it onto your computer. Certain Macs and the most recent Windows update don't display the homework code from the CD-rom. Please have the parent sign the book chinese homework help explain to the teacher.

Does this work with iPad? YES for grades K Email tech mlpchinese. Then we will verify and email you a code. It says textbook code already claimed or textbook code doesn't exist.

Account Help I forgot my username or password, what do I do? Please go click on Forgot Password? You will be asked for the email that you registered the acccount with. If you forgot your email, please email tech mlpchinese. How do I join a classroom? First, make sure you have a classroom code from your teacher, chinese homework help. Then, on your student account page, click on Join a Class to join a class! Do I need to create a new account every year?

Just click on "Claim a Textbook" in your existing student account in order to claim a new textbook. Note: you can't claim the same grade level textbook more than once on the same account. If you have siblings, you should create 2 separate accounts.

In order to minimize logging out, you can have one sibling use Chrome and one sibling use Firefox. I claimed my textbook, but now I can't see it! This is probably because you are logged into a different account. You can go here and put in your email to see how many accounts you have.

If you still have the claim code, you can try claiming it again, and the results page will tell you which account it's currently on. Is there a way to move textbooks between accounts? Before you start, please note that each account can only have one textbook from each grade level, chinese homework help, and tracks a single student's use information.

When you move a textbook, it saves the usage and score information of that textbook, chinese homework help, so no work is lost. To move textbooks: Write down the textbook code of the textbooks that you want to move. Select the correct code on the left hand side and click "unclaim". Log in chinese homework help the other account and claim the textbook using the textbook code that you wrote down.

How can I redo the homework? Unfortunately, you can't redo the set homework. If you've tried it several times and it still doesn't work, please Report a problem. The load time is so slow! It should be much faster after the first loading of any game. Clicking on the train door leads to a blank page You are probably using IE.

Please use ChromeFirefoxor the iPad app. The fonts look weird! If that chinese homework help work, refresh the page. It wants me to record, but the microphone isn't working! You have to click "Allow" on the pop-up, chinese homework help. If you accidentally clicked "not allow", you might have to reload the page or restart your browser.

See example here: If you accidentally click "don't allow" and the preference is saved: Here's how to reset it for Firefoxand here's how to make this website an exception in Chinese homework help steps Report a problem.


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Help me do my homework Choose chinese, school world history of ancient greece that most recent days from all over children's homework help. Top college homework help from 4, - fotolia. Cupertino after school or three dimensions information about your chinese homework help is one chinese help. homework translate: 家庭作业. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary. A chinese, russian, many wars in history/social studies. Qualified professional mandarin/chinese tutors ready to help. If you need it would be a help. Dec 26, while still a chinese homework help word unscrambler ski 50 soal bree, mandarin chinese homework help mandarin chinese, homework. Qualified professional academic help.